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Account Xpress 3.9

Finance manager for home users
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Keeps track of your income, expenses and card, manages your budget, calculates the net income for user-specified time intervals, generates a wide array of charts or reports and protects your financial data with a password.

Account Xpress version is a program in the accounting business market aimed to help and educate people on how to manage and control their personal finances and budget, to know where their money has to go and how to take advantage of good spending habits in order to focus on savings. The software can be used by persons with no accounting experience whatsoever, and little by little it teaches them about tracking and reconcile transactions for virtually any kind of account. The Account Creation Wizard is a simple data entry service that works smoothly and allows users to confirm their account details, as well as to review entries and apply any required correction to data previously registered. The simple library interface menu shows every category to be posted with either numbers or information to comply with the accounting software standard rules. In conclusion, here you have an excellent tool with lots of features that include a presentation of a global cash flow picture, calculation of the net income on any given period, multi-currencies, unlimited number of charts and reports related to your financial and budget activities.

Nestor Reyes
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  • This program is an excellent accounting tool you must have


  • The software is able to export and import files, but does not has an option to send files over the internet just as other accounting programs on the market have
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